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RTG™ – Ready To Go Terminal Automation

Terminal Graphics Builder™

EPA RIN Compliance

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

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RTG™ – Ready To Go Terminal Automation
Affordable Terminal Automation for Small Sized Operations

Supported Interfaces

  • Smith Meter® AccuLoad® III (All Models)
  • Smith Meter® AccuLoad® IV (All Models)
  • Smith Meter®®
  • Smith Meter®®
  • Daniels DanLoad 6000
  • Emerson DL8000 Preset Controller
  • Toptech MultiLoad II
  • Toptech MultiLoad II Slate
  • Micromotion Mass Flow Meter (MOBUS® RTU)
  • Avery Scale
  • Fairbanks Scale
  • Toledo Scale
  • Blend-Pak and Mini-Pak
  • Any injector controlled by any supported preset
  • Scully Groundhog
  • Scully Intellitrol®
  • Scully Intellitrol® V.I.P.® (Vehicle Identification Prover®)
  • TransCore® Encompass® 4 RFID Reader
  • Automated Tank Gauging – GSI ASCII or any with MODBUS® RTU
  • PLC – MODBUS® RTU (serial or TCP/IP)
  • Opto-22 Optimux
  • Allen-Bradley® Industrial Computers and Monitors
  • Dearman Systems, Inc. Data Entry Unit
  • HID Proximity badge reader
  • Smith Meter® Proximity Card Reader
  • Any supported preset as data entry
  • OPC, RTU, ARTS-NEDAP, HMI connection
  • Innometriks Inc. Rhino Biometric Reader
Please contact us if you do not see your system or device. We are continually adding to our list of supported systems.

DEARMAN™’s affordable RTG™ (Ready-To-Go) Terminal Automation system is designed to be installed remotely and comes in two standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port) depending on the number of instruments you need to control. Remote installation eliminates field installation costs from us and standardized configuration virtually eliminates customization. And just like™, RTG™ can be used via the Internet as well as locally, providing a secure and efficient system to remotely access and manage terminals from anywhere in the world. A web-based subscription version (RTG™-S) is also available.

RTG™ Basic Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically engineered for Microsoft® Windows® Server using Microsoft® .Net, ASP.Net, AJAX Controls, Microsoft® SQL, and Microsoft®
  • Reporting Services
  • Open architecture design allows flexibility to communicate with legacy administrative systems and modern presets, controls, or devices with published or open protocols
  • Metric and US volume and mass supported
  • Extensive product allocation control
  • Complete set of reconciliation reports
  • Complete set of entity reports for customer, carrier, driver, etc.
  • Multiple languages supported (at electronic presets only)
  • BOLs and reports are created in PDF and stored in the database
  • All PDF files can be printed or E-mailed automatically or manually
DEARMAN Screenviewer
  • HMI graphics screens (supported on primary PC only)
  • User friendly entity maintenance screens (data searchable by id or name)
  • Easy access to valuable data in usable formats for admin system use
  • Supports order entry from any connected workstation and primary PC
  • Integrated RIN generation and tracking as required by the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Integrated TWIC Interface to TSA approved readers
  • Integrated TransCore® RFID Reader Interface for rail car or truck identification and monitoring
  • Includes up to 8 hours of remote start up support
  • Optional 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 remote support and maintenance
  • Integrated ExSTARS 4030 v2.2.4 reporting available (additional cost)
  • Network connection available to Dearman™s UNITY™ server for enterprise applications (additional cost)
  • Optional support for up to 4 workstations (additional cost)
  • NTEP Certified (National Type Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices - Certificate # 07-113)

We provide customization, consulting, site evaluations, site start-up, web services and training. We offer 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 Remote Support and Maintenance.

Contact us today to schedule an on-line, real-time demo of our system!

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