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Unity Multi-terminal Integration
Comprehensive Management of the Bulk Petroleum, Renewable Fuels, and Chemical Distribution and Terminalling Industries

DEARMAN™ Enterprise Management is the executive side of terminal operations and provides the following indispensable back office tools:
  • UNITY™
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Contracts and Pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • IRS and EPA Compliance Reporting
  • Customer Orders
  • Web User Interfaces

Dearman™ Enterprise Management is designed from management’s point of view; with increased efficiency and increased profits as the application’s primary goal.  Your decision makers will get the critical answers they need to react to changing conditions. 

As a component based application, Dearman™ Enterprise Management is designed to work together in different combinations.  Your organization’s particular needs determine which components you use.  This way, you buy only the functionality that you need.

Key Features and Benefits

Dearman UNITY™ Engine
UNITY™ is the foundation for DEARMAN™ Enterprise Management. It provides the common user interface, data object sharing, and primary integration of the various Enterprise components. UNITY™ is a transaction system that mimics terminal operations. The flow of products and services generate transactions in the UNITY™ database which are made available to the various Enterprise components for tracking, reporting, and control.  As much detail as needed for the intended Enterprise application is automatically included with each transaction.    

The Dearman UNITY™ engine functions in single or multiple terminal/site configurations whether automated, manual, or a combination of both.
  • Compatible with your existing Terminal Automation System from any vendor (provided the system is open or uses a published protocol).
  • Supports common third party transaction processing protocols (Petroex, TABS, TDS and ELVIS).
  • Cost effective solution for retrieving and efficiently utilizing and managing data from all of your terminals in as near a real-time environment as possible.
  • Provides the framework that combines the functions of both Terminal Automation and Enterprise Management.
  • With UNITY™, a central office and any number of terminals can share data.
  • A powerful database and set of functionalities from which the component applications draw on to run.
  • Any unit-of measure can be converted to any other unit-of-measure on the fly (with virtually no rounding error) and is available to any component that UNITY™ is powering.
  • Vertical integration is built into the system.
Accounting and Reporting
Accounting and Reporting is primarily an accountant interface that provides access to and reporting functions from the UNITY™ Engine transactions records. This interface is expressly for high-level management, accounting, and auditing purposes.
  • Integrated data reporting from the terminal level to the enterprise level.
  • Traders can get the information for hedging in real time.
  • Credit management integrated into the system.
  • Allocations integrated into the system.
  • Customer orders integrated into the system.
  • Invoices integrated into the system.
  • Inventory integrated into the system.
  • FET and compliance reporting integrated into the system.
Effectively manage the complex and diverse contracts and pricing mechanisms your operations require, including: buy side, sell side, throughput, fee based, hourly based, and non-monetary. Designed to meet the unique needs of the bulk liquids industries, Contracts and Pricing establishes contract governance policies so that each type of contract follows a pre-defined or dynamic workflow, but always ensures it is within your organization's established business rules. The result is consistency, accountability, and improved visibility to authorized personnel.
  • Boiler-plate contract templates ensure consistent contract creation.
  • Contract Managers, Traders, and key decision makers can access contract data remotely using their web-browser.
  • Multiple contact, invoice, and report recipient lists for each contract.
  • Specific product or class of product.
  • Effective start and end dates.
  • Prices can be fixed or variable rate and can be downloaded from various exchanges.
  • Rate and tariff type name and description.
  • Minimum and maximum values for amount range calculations.
  • Contract grouping for easy access.
  • On-line contract historian and reporting.
Simplify your operations by automating your billing functions. The Invoicing component of DEARMAN™ Enterprise Management allows you to take complete control over invoice contents and item ordering. Invoices can be for monetary and time value of products and services. All invoices are prepared in Microsoft® Reporting Services and can be presented for final approval before billing action occurs. Invoice line items can be any type supported by a spreadsheet with subtotals and totals, credits/debits, as well as non-charged.
  • Pre-defined invoice cycles: continuous, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.
  • Invoice for rental or other services in advance for next cycle.
  • Continuous totals for current cycle.
  • Manual and/or automatic invoice generation.
  • Invoices can be plain paper, fax, E-mail, or EDI.
  • Credit risk outstanding.
  • Invoices available in PDF and other electronic forms.
  • Invoices include all federal and state taxes and user fees.
Please click here for more information about Contracts and Invoicing

DEARMAN™s Inventory Management system is a robust, flexible solution for your complex bulk liquids and chemical distribution inventory and reporting requirements. Consolidate transactions from one or more terminal automation systems as well as non-automated terminals such as barge and ship terminals. Manual transactions can be added, voided or modified directly to the system as needed while the imported transactions can be modified in source system as needed. Product, Tank/Carrier, Ownership, and Terminal tracking of transactions on both the source and target sides provide the foundation for a comprehensive reporting system. Inventory Management is a fully functional dual entry system that provides a full audit trail.

DEARMAN™s IRS approved ExSTARS 4030 reporting solution is a fully functional tax basis inventory system.  Data can be automatically collected or manually rolled into the database from a wide variety of source systems including an existing 4010 EDI feed.  Data is displayed as a terminal product balance sheet.  Transactions can be added, deleted or modified directly to the system by drilling down in the balance sheet as needed.  Transaction selection can also be made by attributes such as a carrier FEIN.  Automatic or manual book adjustments can be made, as required.  Signers are also provided a full set of reports in Microsoft® Excel format for review.

Please click here for more information about ExSTARS 4030 Compliance.

The EPA RIN Handling and Compliance component of the Dearman™ Enterprise Management system handles not only the generation of RINs as required for producers or importers of renewable fuels, but also the transfer, inventory management, and compliance reporting of RINs by obligated parties involved in the distribution of renewable fuels.

Customer Orders
Customer Orders supports downloaded orders as well as remote and local order entry to allow terminal customers to pre-dispatch and control their own product movements. Batch, block, and single orders for any type of transport provide your customers with the ability to pre-determine the shipment or transfer of products.
  • Special documentation, such as road transportation tickets, custom documents, AGD, quality certificates, etc.
  • Specific delivery information.
  • Pre-dispatched or on-call orders.
  • Vehicle tracking and dedicated vehicle delivery.

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